Meet the Florists

Red_flowers Over the next few months, I’ll give you a preview of some of the florists I got to know as I was writing Flower Confidential.  Today I invite you to check out bbrooks fine flowers, an exclusive network of specialty florists who work with luxurious, seasonal flowers and stay away from what you may think of as "typical" florist flowers.   Their approach is subtle and stylish, and you’ll never see a floral cliche. 

When I talked to the owner, Barbera Brooks, I told her that I had a hard time sending flowers to someone in another town because I am very picky about what I send.  I want to talk directly to the florist, find out what they have in their shop, and describe the kind of arrangement that will say exactly what I want it to say.  I lecture them about not including ferns and baby’s breath.  I want something fabulous, not a cookie-cutter mixed bouquet that looks like it was left over from the ’80s.  But I don’t always have the time or the patience to track down a florist and go through this.

And that’s where bbrooks comes in.  "You don’t have to call around and find the florist and explain to them about no baby’s breath and no ferns," Brooks told me. "It goes without saying.  You don’t even have to go there.  We don’t have florists who do that.  Just say, ‘I want pink,’ and it’ll be fresh and seasonal and just what you want.  We definitely have an aesthetic, and either our customer base buys into that, or they go elsewhere."

Are their arrangements a little more expensive?  Yeah, a little.  But they’ll do their best to work within your price range.  And I promise that your flowers will make an IMPACT.  Every time I’ve sent flowers through bbrooks, the friend I sent them to calls and says, "Oh my god!  Where did you find this florist?  How did you DO this?  These are AMAZING!" 

And I say, "Well, you’re amazing too, babe.  Happy birthday."    And that’s what sending flowers is all about.