Long Lasting Flowers

Posted by Scott Brown, Amy Stewart’s husband.

One of the most common complaints about flowers is that they don’t last very long. That can be true if you buy cheap flowers from a supermarket or low-end florist. But if you by good flowers, they can look great for weeks. Take this bouquet. Heuer’s – a 35-year-old florist in downtown Eureka – sent these to Amy’s local book signing on February 4. Eight days later, they still look great, and I’ve enjoyed having them in the house while Amy’s away. I promise you I’ve done nothing to them – I didn’t cut the stems or change the water. I haven’t added flower food or removed wilting petals.

A couple of months ago, Amy posted a picture of some three-week-old roses from OrganicBouquet that had been similarly mistreated. Roses have sure come a long way.