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How About a Rainbow Rose?

Posted by on November 14, 2006 in Cut Flowers

Rainbow_roses This photo comes courtesy of floral industry expert J M. H. Schwanke, who says that they were all the buzz at Hortifair, the big floral trade show that happens in Holland every year in early November.

How do they do it?  These roses are stem-dyed, which means that they are put into water with dye, and the roses absorb the dye and the colors of the petals change.  (I visited an amazing flower dye factory in Holland called Multicolor; you can see a photo of the place on my website and read more about it in Flower Confidential.)

These particular roses, which were probably white to begin with, had their stems split into four sections at the base, and each section was put in a different color dye and allowed to drink its fill.

What’s the reaction?  Says one blogger, "Gay wedding planners have never been happier." He also says that he was able to order some from Mellano and Company for about $6 per stem; I have not checked this out, but if you do, let me know how it goes.


  1. Ugh. No thanks. They might as well be made of plastic.

  2. We used to do this with carnations and food coloring when I was a kid. I’m surprised it took so long for this idea to go commercial.

  3. These are truly horrible – like some gruesome cabbage patch doll flower.
    Would they look better if it were tones of one colour – light to dark red perhaps?
    Are black roses and those cobalt blue gladioli not dyed?
    Petrol stations in Scotland seem to specialise in dyed turquoise carnations mixed with orange died chrythanths. Lovely!

  4. Those look hideous to me. I wouldn’t buy them at any price!

  5. Nice roses, fantastic !
    I am wondering where this photo was taken.
    See also which is my favourite site.

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  7. if I WANT TO PRODUCE this rain bow rose in my garden what things i shoude to do? and how we can take seed of rainbow rose? please send to my email.
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  8. very Nice roses

  9. I’ve bought a few of these roses – novelty value, but they are gorgeous, very false, but pretty none-the-less. How on earth I’ll put them in bouquet that won’t clash I don’t know!
    Kind of like Christmas lights – Garish, tacky, false, but still very pretty.
    They keep children quite too, ask them for suggestions on how they were made!

  10. Great!!! Creation. Where can i buy these roses? please be kind mail to me email hidden; JavaScript is required

  11. Where can i order this beautiful rose??
    i cannot find a supplier….
    my e-mail is

  12. Hey, this is probably a dead post by now, but just in case anyone drops by here. Mellano and Company does have them….you need to contact your local florist and have them place an order with them.
    I got some for my girlfriend and she flipped.

  13. GORGEOUS! To heck with the conservative color shy naysayers! This is a great flower for kids parties and fun fiesty events!

  14. These roses have got to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! I’m in love with them!

  15. i want to buy these for my b-day cause im gay nd their amazing can u tell me where to get them???

  16. i have the same question as a previous onlooker,where can i get such a beautiful rose?my email is:
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  17. i have the same question as a previous onlooker,where can i get such a beautiful rose?my email is:
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  18. Flippin’ awesome! I think I’ll make some. Lolz.

  19. Thank you, Luc <3

  20. You can purchase rainbow roses at It’s a Blooming Business in Sherman Oaks California
    the website is
    phone number 818-783-4846
    This florist carries them all the time any has a variety of rainbow rose arrangements available for local delivery.
    They will also ship overnight anywhere in the US via Fedex.

  21. Thanks for the explanation. I saw these at a flower show last weekend here in Tokyo and couldn’t figure out how they did it.

  22. Hey Nice One….Thanks for the post…I love rainbow roses….These roses have got to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen

  23. where can i buy these in australia – i want them for my wedding!
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  24. where can i buy these in australia – i want them for my wedding!
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  26. those r so pretty

  27. I put my name on a waiting list here in my home town of Waco, Texas 2 years ago and just picked up my Rainbow Rose bush today. The waiting list is a long one here. My best friend will be saddened that she has to wait longer for the 2 that she ordered on the same day I put my order in. The nursery where I reserved mine at only got 30 shipped in and the waiting list is still growing and it is the only nursery where it can be ordered here. Good luck finding this awesome and beautiful plant. If you can find a nursery to order one from, I can promise you that it is definately worth waiting for. They are beautiful.

  28. Those are the most beautiful natural things i have ever seen!!

  29. hi where can you buy these rose plants i love them they are so beautiful

  30. You can have these shipped overnight anywhere in the US at

  31. i would love to have these in my flower beds can u please send me a website that i can go on and order some
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    thanks bunches

  32. I just made my own and they turned out perfectly. All I did was split the stems by four and out each section of stem in its own little water container(you know those green tubes they put single flowers in)with lots of food coloring. I forgot the gloves so I am just as colorful now but the flowers are perfect!!!

  33. i have shopped around for rainbow roses on the internet and found big price range. try they seem to be the best value.

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  35. I am extremely excited about discovering these flowers. Rainbows have been a significant part of my realtionship with my now fiance’.
    I am planning our wedding and these flowers will be perfect!!!!

  36. Gorgeous!!! I want some for vday so bad.

  37. I think they’re beautiful!

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