How About a Rainbow Rose?

Rainbow_roses This photo comes courtesy of floral industry expert J M. H. Schwanke, who says that they were all the buzz at Hortifair, the big floral trade show that happens in Holland every year in early November.

How do they do it?  These roses are stem-dyed, which means that they are put into water with dye, and the roses absorb the dye and the colors of the petals change.  (I visited an amazing flower dye factory in Holland called Multicolor; you can see a photo of the place on my website and read more about it in Flower Confidential.)

These particular roses, which were probably white to begin with, had their stems split into four sections at the base, and each section was put in a different color dye and allowed to drink its fill.

What’s the reaction?  Says one blogger, "Gay wedding planners have never been happier." He also says that he was able to order some from Mellano and Company for about $6 per stem; I have not checked this out, but if you do, let me know how it goes.