Here Comes Mother’s Day

There will be lots in the news over the next week about Mother’s Day flowers, and I expect that a good deal of the coverage will involve environmentally-friendly or organic flowers.

This piece from an Austin station is a great illustration of why the time is right for eco-certified flowers.  Notice that the focus of the story is a customer who has "gone green" and wants to buy flowers that fit with his values.  This is why it makes so much sense to finally have an eco-label in this country that puts a sticker on the bouquet giving the customer an assurance that those particular flowers were grown in accordance with a set of environmental and labor standards.  There are a lot of competing eco-labels for flowers around the world, but consumers aren’t really interesting in knowing that some flowers, somewhere, were grown with better practices.  They want to be able to go right out and buy those particular flowers.


Click here to watch the video clip.