Gilding the Lily

Flower Confidential is being published in the UK under a new name and with a new cover.  The British publisher is Portobello Books; I worked with them to add several new sections about English flower farmers and the situation in Kenya, which exports flowers to England. 

I interviewed some great flower farmers, including Heather Gorringe at Wiggly Wigglers, Jane Lindsey at Snapdragon, and  the wonderful people at the Real Flower Company, among others.

So if you're in the UK, check it out—and I'll be posting UK reviews and other information here as it comes in.

5 thoughts on “Gilding the Lily”

  1. Carla, you should be able to get it from
    Amy, is the UK version the same as the US one except for the extra material? I’ve been to the flower farms at Lake Naivasha and am familiar with their impact on the lake, having done an Earthwatch lake ecology project there in 1999.

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