Frozen Roses

This video has been making the rounds among people in the floral industry.  A florist in Pennsylvania ordered a box of flowers  online for Valentine’s Day, and it was shipped via a carrier like FedEx and frozen solid by the time it arrived during the winter freeze on the East Coast.  You can read more about the experiment here.  Of course, the point that florists make is that they would never hand-deliver flowers that were frozen solid or wilted in the heat. 

Now,  I buy flowers online from time to time and they’ve always arrived fresh and gorgeous.  But as many customers found out this Valentine’s Day, delivery trucks are often packed the night before, and when it’s seven below zero outside, you might just get popsicle roses on your doorstep the next morning.

Just goes to show you that floriculture is still a risky business.  And that YouTube is all-powerful.