Flowers: They Work Every Time

Birthday_1  Just got a nice note from a reader–a happily-married man who confesses that he practically "abandoned the niceties of courtship two decades ago," but was encouraged to try again after reading Flower Confidential.  He says:

"Today is my wife’s birthday, and last night I drove to a local florist (for possibly the first time since she and I began dating in 1985) and compiled a simple and straightforward bouquet and presented it this morning. Total shock, and the kind of smile that you describe in "Flower Confidential" — one that I suspect will linger more than two days. Twenty-five dollars well spent! Many thanks, from both of us, for the encouragement."

He even sent a photo.  The photo, I think, is particularly telling.  People will do this–they will get flowers and be so thrilled with how they look that they take a picture of them to remember they by.  What other gift can you say that about?

Another husband enjoying what I hope are the lavish rewards of bringing flowers home.  My work here is done.

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