Eco-friendly tulips at Trader Joe’s!

Grown at Sun Valley, certified VeriFlora and organic, and $6.99 for 10 stems.  What a deal!  The staff told me that they sell so fast that they can’t keep them in stock.  In fact, they don’t even put them in water.  The flowers are dry-shipped and they just put them in a basket.  They explained that by keeping them out of water, the flowers don’t open as quickly, and they go home with customers so fast that the fact that they stay out of water for a little longer while doesn’t matter. 

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  1. I bought a bouquet of TJ’s tulips just a couple of weeks ago, they were beautiful, and held up for at least a week and a half.

  2. Just another reason to wish we had Trader Joe’s here. Whenever we’re in Chicago or Seattle we have to get a few favorite items to bring back. Thanks for the information, I’ll pass it along.
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Well you seem to be headed south unexpectedly. I guess we won’t see you for dinner tonight!

  4. Amy are these grown from certified organic bulbs or organically grown from normal bulbs? I have found it very difficult to source organic bulbs – most Dutch suppliers tell me they don’t exist. I have found 2 small suppliers but the bulbs are more expensive than these flowers.
    I am intrigued by the price.
    Flowers to feel good about

  5. Oh, for a Trader Joe’s here! That photo makes me want to swoop in and grab an armful of tulips. How interesting that they don’t put them in water, but I guess it works!

  6. Being a 30 year veteran in the floral industry, having been focused on flower care and handling practices for most of that 30 years,and having seen dozens of Trader Joe’s flower departments I would say that there are three places I would never buy flowers: From a street vendor, a convenience store or a Trader Joe’s.
    Incidently, I am a strong supporter of Amy and of VeriFlora, but I am sorry to see VeriFlora flowers in TJ’s.
    They have one of the worst floral program in the US. No commitment to proper care, consumer education and no refrigeration. And for their staff to say that it isn’t important that flowers stay out of water is very ignorant and shows how little TJ’s really cares about flowers and those who would buy flowers from them.
    I buy plenty of other things at TJ’s, like wine and deli products…but certainly not their flowers.

  7. I am SO glad that Trader Joe’s carries an eco-friendly option. I’m only halfway through “Flower Confidential” and I’ve already made some personal decisions on which flowers I will buy for my floral design class I’m taking. Thank you for the info!
    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  8. “hey explained that by keeping them out of water, the flowers don’t open as quickly”
    They don’t ‘open as quickly’ because they are dead.

    Depriving water from tulips simply kills them. They appear to be in a state of suspended animation. The tulips never open though. My wife buys tulips from TJ’s from time to time. Same story – into trash in 2 days. Dull and lifeless.

    Try some tulips from a real flower shop – even Bristol Farms has decent prices AND they keep their flowers hydrated. IF you have the opportunity – visit a flower market in Holland (or Skagit Valley, WA)- buy a bunch of tulips then, ask the grower if you should transport the tulips without water.

    You won’t thank me for the ensuing tirade but you will walk away a more enlightened buyer of tulips.

    Tulips are one of the few things that Trader Joe’s does poorly.

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