Are you ready for a brown rose?

Brown_rose It can take seven years or more to bring a new hybrid rose to market.  But it’s almost impossible to predict what will sell.  A grower has just rolled out a chocolate brown rose called ‘Terra Nostra’, but now the question is:  do you want it?  Would you buy this rose?

UPDATE:   First of all, thanks to all the Modern Bride readers who have gotten in touch with me about Flower Confidential.  You can order an advance copy online or from your local independent bookseller.  It’ll be in stores by February 9.

Wow, I guess you are ready for a brown rose!  So many people have contacted me to ask where they can get this rose that I thought I’d better provide some more information.  First, please remember that the hottest new varieties of flowers are not always available at your local florist.  Florists can work magic, but they can’t always perform miracles!  Having said that, ‘Terra Nostra’ was bred by the French rose breeder NIRP International. Their website is under construction, but here is a link to their contact information and a list of distributors who may be able to get their products. Good luck!

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Please check out this post for more information.  Sorry, brides, this is all the help I can give you right now.

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  1. Would I ever send brown roses to someone or buy them for my own home? No way. But I could see them used for weddings where there’s an earth toned color theme. I used Leonidas roses for my wedding, which can tend toward a cinnamon color on the inside of the petals. This reminds me of that a bit.

  2. You know, when I saw the beginning of your post in Bloglines, I thought exactly as Heather did — they would be great for a wedding where the colors were complementary. I think a bouquet of these tied with a cream ribbon would be gorgeous. Then again, what do I know…I’m no decorator.
    I would buy them, I think, just because they’re interesting — much more so, I think, than the flower-shop-standard deep red rose. And I think they’d look really cool in a bouquet mixed with white and yellow roses, too.
    All that being said, I almost never actually buy roses, and I’ve pretty much hammered into all the men in my life that I’d so much rather get a bouquet of tulips or gerberas than roses.
    The Inadvertent Gardener

  3. I would definitely plant one of these babies in my garden. All my other roses are shades of pink – not because I like pink, but it just happened that way. These lovely chocolate roses would be a great complement.

  4. Interesting, but I’m more a dark chocolate kind of person. These look like milk chocolate. Now if they had a chocolate fragrance, as well. . . .

  5. In a word, no.
    I never understood green flowers — isn’t the point that the flowers are supposed to stand out from the leaves? — and now I don’t understand a flower that is the same color as soil.
    Maybe I just have a crayon drawing in my head, but I like brown dirt, green leaves, and red, yellow, orange, white, and blue (especially blue!) flowers.

  6. Interesting. My initial reaction was that these roses look dead! Personally, I probably wouldn’t buy them, but I can see the appeal they might have for weddings or chocolate-themed events.

  7. I’ve seen chocolate-themed gardens. I even have a blog post about a chocolate garden in a can that was featured on Amazon. I know gardeners associate “brown” with “dead,” having learned the association from hard experience, but brown comes in so many delicious shades that some brown flowers are coming into fashion. Well, think of Fritillaria meleagris, the good old Guinea hen flower. I grow a Pacific Northwest native cousin, Fritillaria affinis (, known sometimes as the checker lily and sometimes as the chocolate lily (though the latter really belongs to Fritillaria biflora).
    What colors does one match chocolate-colored flowers with, though? Creamy white? Pale pink?

  8. “Wow, crazy. They look like they’re dead.”
    That was my husbands comment on walking into the room and seeing the brown roses on the screen.
    Would I buy them? No. Would he? I hope not.

  9. That pic looks like it’s been tinted – like the crazy-coloured “bright blue” rose pictures you used to get in garden catalogues in the early eighties – they were never really that colour, rather a muddy lilac. I love my chocolate cosmos but I am not sure about a chocolate rose …

  10. They don’t look brown to me…..more a deep dusky pink….a very old rose colour. Absolutely beautiful!

  11. my husband is the rose guy – so I asked him – and he said “possibly” he is not fond of hybrid roses, but this one is intriguing and he would want to know more about how susceptible it is to disease and such –
    but this is the same guy who wants the almost black rose from the International Rose Test Gardens in Portland . . . .
    and he will probably next ask for one in dark chocolate . . .

  12. I would love to buy them, they would be perfect for my wedding because my colors are chocolate and teal. If anyone can give me any information on where I can find them I would greatly appreciate it.

  13. I would love to buy them, they would be perfect for my wedding because my colors are chocolate and teal. If anyone can give me any information on how I can get them I would greatly appreciate it.

  14. i am a floral designer for a very large florist. i do many large weddings and corporate events. these roses are fantastic!
    especially for fall themed events. i have a bride who has been wanting hasting roses , but they’re virtually non-existent now. these are a good alternative. the leonidas are hit and miss as to how to how they open, which is key when designing a bridal bouquet. i believe when these are widely available in the market, they will be a huge hit. i have already contacted the two south american growers to inquire about purchasing some for an event in november. wtg! for an excellent find.

  15. I’ve been a brown rose hunter for almost ten years now, ever since I saw my very first one. Absolutely beautiful.

  16. I am looking for these for my wedding on October 15th, can someone tell me where i can find them? i live in the USA in Massachusetts.

  17. I absolutely love this rose! Brown is one of my favorite colors. I am using dark brown and aqua for my upcoming wedding. I haven’t found anything that I’m totally crazy about but these would definitely work! Is there a florist in Southern CA that can get these??? I would also love to plant some in my yard so I could always have some.

  18. Hi – love to see these up close. Any idea where I can find them in the metro NY or lower CT area? Any idea on availability and/or pricing? Thxb

  19. Has there been any current avalibility information about these roses in the US? I would like them for my wedding in April but it has been difficult to locate information about them.

  20. I love these roses! I think they’re fantastic and would work perfectly with my wedding theme. I have also had difficulty finding information on them – but would love to get my hands on them for my wedding in July!

  21. These would be fantastic for our wedding next October. Our color scheme is chocolate & creme. I have tried to contact the company and anyone else who could get me these flowers but to no avail. If anyone, especially any florist in CHICAGOLAND area, can get there hands on these..YOU’RE HIRED!! Please shoot me an email if email hidden; JavaScript is required

  22. They are absolutely perfect for my chocolate themed wedding. Only the closed-minded would say they look dead! They’re unique! I definitely wouldn’t give them to someone as a valentine’s gift or anything, but for a theme, they’re perfect.

  23. I love these roses and want some so very badly! However, the link at the top of the page doesn’t work and from reading above, no one really mentions anywhere to get them…??? I live in Ohio, any ideas????


  25. Help. I’m a florist in Missouri, I’m trying to find the terra nostra roses. Can anyone help. Debbie at email hidden; JavaScript is required

  26. I was so thrilled when I read about this rose in Modern Bride. Brown is one of my favorite colors and I’ve been searching for a way to incorporate it into my wedding. Hopefully these will be more readily available closer to my wedding in 2008.

  27. I am so excited about this find. I think that the flowers are beautiful and that is just what i am looking for. My sister is getting maddied and her colors are chocolate brown and blue. My friend tols me about these roses and i didn’t believe her, but now i am amazed. I would also buy these roses to put with pink roses for a pretty bouquet. Love it, Love it.

  28. I’m trying to find a local retailer of these beautiful brown roses. My daughter’s bridesmaid dresses are “espresso” and I think these would be wonderful. If anyone knows a web site or where I might find these in NJ, I appreciate the help.

  29. Jodi Blackstone

    I love them.
    I live in Johannesburg South Africa and would love to know where I could purchase some of these Terra Nostra Brown Roses for my wedding day.
    Would I be able to get them in South Africa – If not would I be able to import them? Mad I know – but they are truly unique and stunning

  30. I love these roses! I have been looking for these everywhere. My wedding colors are brown and yellow and I would love to have the roses in my wedding. If somebody has information about how I can get them please let me know.

  31. I first saw this rose in my hair stylists office, given by a customer….now moved out of town…two of them were intermingled with a dark red rose and an orange (tropicana), I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find a bush to plant…please help!

  32. I first saw this rose in my hair stylists office, given by a customer….now moved out of town…two of them were intermingled with a dark red rose and an orange (tropicana), I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find a bush to plant…please help!
    This should have been posted to my name…

  33. I too would love these roses. I started to ask around local florists and none have even heard of them. I live in Michigan, so if anyone has any clues, I would love to know!! I am sure they will be expensive, but they will be unique. So I really want them!!!

  34. I would love to know how to get my hands on them! I have weddings out the wazoo asking for chocolate colored roses!

  35. My wedding is in November of this year and my colors are pink and brown. I am using pink roses and brown roses – I am so excited because it looks so beautiful and it’s exactly what I want!

  36. Please anyone that can tell me or direct me to where i can get this brown rose help! Its so vintage and it would be absoulty beautiful for my fall wedding. I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you,

  37. I just talked with a florist that tracked down the brown rose Terra Nostra for me….she tells me that they will not be commercially available until This fall (07). But if you are fortunate enough to live in New York or Los Angeles you can get them locally now!

  38. Oh please, if anyone finds out where I can buy these as a bush/bare root for planting, please let me know, I would absolutely love to add them to my garden. They are soooo beautiful and unique. my email – email hidden; JavaScript is required

  39. i would love to order some of these. they fit perfectly in my colors. i’m getting married dec 22nd, how would i be able to get a hold of some of these?


  41. I love them. I’m having a chocolate brown and turquoise wedding and they would go perfectly.

  42. I’m throwing a shower for my niece. Her colors are pink and chocolate. I also would like to know where to order these flowers.

  43. Hi,
    I need to find out how to get these flowers! I want them for my wedding. I do have quite a bit of time yet but i really want to know if i can get them. Can any one help?


  45. Shannon Krystosek

    I too would like more information on the Terra Nostra Rose, where they can be purchased and when they will be available for market. I am getting married 6/7/08 and would love to have my bouquet done in these roses. I first learned about them from a Modern Bride Magazine last year. Thanks!

  46. For all of you who want the Terra Nostra rose for your weddings and special events, please contact your local florist who will in turn contact their local flower wholesaler that imports them in from the farms in South America. It is a very new variety this fall and there is not a lot of production. So, chances are you will need a second choice of roses. Your local florist is the mist knowledgable one that can suggest an alternative if need be!

  47. i dont care for them as a gift, or for the house but, I WANT THEM FOR MY WEDDING! were having green and brown as our colors, so these are PERFECT! but probably expensive as hell!

  48. I would buy A brown rose for a birthday its my friends favorite color I have been trying to find one for a long time now

  49. Seems like they are pretty popular for the trendy wedding color schemes. I too am wanting these roses for my wedding in September. My colors are choc, pink, and silver or cream. Please let me know where the hot spot is to find them. Thanks

  50. hi. i am getting married this august and am deaperate for brown roses. i live in,uk and havr tried every where i can for brown roses but i can not get any. i would be so grateful if you could help me to find some from somewhere. my email address is email hidden; JavaScript is required. thanks

  51. Well, I too am hopeful one day of obtaining these brown roses to plant. For all the wedding planners/brides to be, I’ve only been to the main site and it ssays they grow them in guatemala and you can order long stems for your wedding. However, I do have to warn that it would seem they are HIGHLY priced and only last approximately 2 weeks once shipped. Or so the site says. GOOD LUCK!

  52. That is the site where they sell them. and its in ecuador not quatemala as a previously reported. It would seem you have to contact their business separately to get them ordered. Be careful when ordering as South America is known to take people for their money with scams.

  53. YES, YES AND YES!! I WOULD BY THEM!!!! Brown is beautiful and it’s just the color I am looking for; they will go perfectly with my brown satin prom dress!!! Looking forward to buying them.

  54. Hi was wondering if this rose is on sale yet. Girlfriends birthday coming up and her favorite color is brown. SO wanted to get her something special, like the rose so is it available and oh I live in Dubai, U.A.E.

  55. I think it is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I hope to be able to buy one of my own. I just adore roses.

  56. I would love to know were to get these roses for my wedding , my colors are chocolate and red?

  57. I LOVE this rose. If I am able to purchase a plant, it would be nice near the purple and the orange varieties in my yard.

  58. My daughter is getting married on Aug 23, 2009 in Agawam, MA and is looking for red and white striped roses. Does anyone know where to find them?

  59. beautiful… i love leoniadas. the brown is what attracted me to them. terra nostra is just as beautiful-i think it would be perfect for the vintage-feel kind of wedding that i am going for. thanks for the info. x

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