Are you ready for a brown rose?

Brown_rose It can take seven years or more to bring a new hybrid rose to market.  But it’s almost impossible to predict what will sell.  A grower has just rolled out a chocolate brown rose called ‘Terra Nostra’, but now the question is:  do you want it?  Would you buy this rose?

UPDATE:   First of all, thanks to all the Modern Bride readers who have gotten in touch with me about Flower Confidential.  You can order an advance copy online or from your local independent bookseller.  It’ll be in stores by February 9.

Wow, I guess you are ready for a brown rose!  So many people have contacted me to ask where they can get this rose that I thought I’d better provide some more information.  First, please remember that the hottest new varieties of flowers are not always available at your local florist.  Florists can work magic, but they can’t always perform miracles!  Having said that, ‘Terra Nostra’ was bred by the French rose breeder NIRP International. Their website is under construction, but here is a link to their contact information and a list of distributors who may be able to get their products. Good luck!

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Please check out this post for more information.  Sorry, brides, this is all the help I can give you right now.