Topless Gardening

Martini Yeah, that headline caught my eye, too. Turns out that’s only what you’ll WANT to do after you imbibe a basil martini, according to the San Diego Union-Trib‘s cocktail writer. This is one of those summer drinks that we can only dream of as the wind howls through the rafters. So, in honor of it almost being Friday, dream away:

Muddle sugar and fresh basil
“Bathe in vodka and sweet-and-sour mix”–no proportions given.  Figure it out.  I’d go heavy on the vodka.
Squirt of lime.

That’s nice, but there are other options.  Cocktail Times lists any number of herb martinis–ever floated a sprig of rosemary or cilantro in that glass?  They leave out lavender, which is suprisingly good in a cold gin martini. 

But my favorite summer cocktail is an adaptation of something I had in a bar once that we’ve since come to call Amy’s Garden Party.  Crush some fresh basil in the bottom of a tall, skinny glass, add ice clubs and slices of fresh jalapeno, and pour a gin and tonic on top of it.  The perfect drink on a hot day.

Now all we need is a hot day.