A Lavender Gin and Tonic, and a Honey-Lavender Martini

Badge_CocktailHour When we (Elizabeth and Amy) get together, we rummage through our respective liquor cabinets to see if we have anything new and interesting to drink that we can try out on the other.  But seeing as how we live across the country from each other—Elizabeth in Buffalo, Amy in California—this doesn't actually happen very often.

Except on Skype.  It's actually very pleasant to sit down together with our laptops and our webcams, mix a drink, and have a chat.  There's always plenty to talk about when it comes to GardenRant, and most of it does call for a good stiff drink.

There's just one thing missing from our cyber-cocktail hour, and that's you!  If only you, our readers, could join us for a drink.  Just imagine how perfect that would be.

Well, imagine no longer.  Thanks to this groovy software called VodBurner, we're now recording our Skype drinking sessions so that you can enjoy them, too.  Now, we're still figuring out the technology, so don't get all film school on us.  We'll get it down—and we plan to get out in the garden once in a while. (And who knows!  If you're into Skype, maybe we'll invite you to join us on camera sometime!)

We hope you'll gather some ingredients, mix a drink, and settle in with us.  If you'd like to drink what we're drinking, you'll need:

Lavender-honey simple syrup (recipe below)

G'Vine gin

A lemon

In the case of Amy's drink, Lavender Dry Soda, a lovely, not-too-sweet soda with pure lavender flavor that works great in cocktails.

Lavender sprigs and/or yellow pansies to garnish

(recipes below)

Here, then, is our pilot episode.  In this installment:  Gin and lavender drinks, profanity, and hyacinths.


Amy's Lavender Gin & Tonic

Pour 1-2 oz gin over ice. (a botanical gin like G'vine, or any gin that contains some lavender, is ideal)

Squeeze lemon juice over ice and gin.

Fill glass with Lavender Dry Soda.

Garnish with lavender sprigs.

Sample restaurant's Honey Lavender martini (modified by Eliz)

1 part gin (I also like G'vine.)

1 part honey lavender simple syrup (boil sugar, honey, water (2-1 water to sweet stuff; add a bunch of lavender; let steep an hour; strain)

Juice of 2-3 lemons

Shake with ice, strain, pour into martini glass and garnish with lemon slice studded with a viola blossom. You don't really need a premium gin—Sample does not use one—but I like the way a botanical gin's flavor shines through whatever you blend it with. I have also included a sugar/honey mix, not all honey, which they use, and I find too strong.

Coming soon: drinks with wild hibiscus flowers, bison grass-infused vodka, and more. For the Ball comment we discuss in this video, check this post