Travel Sketching in Amsterdam with Quick & Vibrant Color

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Travel sketching is a great way to observe the new places you’re exploring and capture memories in a way that no snapshot ever could.

But do you have trouble finding time to sketch when you’re on vacation?

Are your art supplies just too much to lug around everywhere you go?

Do you struggle to capture a scene in a way that reflects your own personality and your own style?

In this class, I’ll demonstrate an approach that anyone can do on the go.

  • Travel kit: Take a look inside my ultra-light travel kit, and adapt it to your own style.
  • Drawing: Learn my tricks for getting an accurate drawing down quickly, using just one pen.
  • Watercolor: Try a simplified approach that uses a few strokes of vibrant, creative color and lots of white space.
  • Details: Add details when you have time, and use a couple markers for highlights and shadows.

I think you’ll be surprised at how lively and vibrant your artwork can be, even when you have less than half an hour to sketch.

I was also really happy to have such a lightweight travel sketching kit with me.

The result is a sketchbook that feels bright and inviting, and I’m sure you’ll have fun doing it.