How to Sign Up for a Free Skillshare Account

I teach a lot of art and writing classes on Skillshare, an online learning platform with a Netflix-style subscription model. You can always sign up for a free trial of Skillshare–just use this link to check it out.

But there is also a completely free version of Skillshare–no credit card required! Granted, there are not as many classes on the free platform. I might only ever have one class at a time on the free platform, and that’s usually for a limited time period. But this does give you a way to really check it out before you go further.

To sign up for the free version, just go here to create an account.

Probably the next screen you see will look kind of like this. But you don’t have to enter payment information on that screen. You’re already done–you’ve created a free account and you can start using it. Just click that Skillshare link in the upper left, and you’re back to the website and ready to start browsing.

Skillshare screen shot


Then, to see which of my classes are available for free at the moment, just do a search for my name (or any term, such as “watercolor”) and then click the Free button, which I’ve circled in red below.

skillshare screen shot how to search for free classes

But of course, I do hope you’ll try the Premium version as well! It’s how instructors get paid for their work, and I find my Skillshare membership to be very useful in all kinds of unexpected ways, from cooking classes to help with little technology challenges.