Amy Stewart Art and Writing Classes

I believe that art and writing are skills that anyone can learn. That’s why I teach online classes that you can take at your own pace, giving you time to pick up a new skill and practice it.

Art Classes

I’ve been painting and drawing for about 20 years. I love the instant gratification that comes from making art. I often have to wait months or years to see my next book in print, but I can finish a painting in an afternoon. It’s very satisfying.

I paint in oil, watercolor, and gouache, sometimes with ink. I also fill sketchbooks with drawings from my hometown and my travels. You can read more about my approach to art, and my ideas about creativity, on my blog. I also offer art tutorials to paid subscribers of my newsletter.  You can see a free preview of those tutorials right here.

Writing Classes

In my twenty years as a bestselling author, I have taught writing workshops at book festivals, libraries, conferences, and universities. In 2012, I was invited to be the first Tin House Writer-in-Residence, a partnership with Portland State University, where I taught in the MFA program.

Now I’ve taken the most common questions I’m asked by aspiring writers and created short, simple classes online that you can watch anytime. Be sure to post questions in the discussion, because I will be dropping in regularly to chat!

For more about art-making, inspiration, and more, subscribe to my newsletter.

Art Classes

  • sketchbook pages with landscapes, watercolor palette, and ink pens

    Weekly Sketching Lessons

    Ink, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Marker, & More
    Quick tutorials tailored just for you!
  • Travel Sketching in New Zealand

    Travel Sketching in New Zealand

    Quick & Easy Thumbnails
    Draw thumbnail sketches on the move
  • Photo of Amy Stewart in Amsterdam with a sketchbook alongside two colorful sketches of Amsterdam street scenes

    Travel Sketching in Amsterdam

    With Quick & Vibrant Watercolor
    Learn a whimsical approach to sketching with complementary color schemes
  • Italian skyline in sepia ink with the words Sketching in Sepia

    Sketching in Sepia

    With Ink or Watercolor
    Create dramatic paintings with just one color
  • Quick & Easy Travel Sketching

    Quick & Easy Travel Sketching

    Capture Your Vacation in Pen and Watercolor
    Join me on a sketching trip in beautiful, lively Guanajuato, Mexico!
  • Urban Sketching in a French Village

    Urban Sketching in a French Village

    With Ink and Watercolor
    Capture a village scene with depth and clarity.
  • Paint Lively & Colorful Doors

    Paint Lively & Colorful Doors

    With Ink and Watercolor
    Learn how to paint colorful painted doors from your own travels, using ink and watercolor.
  • Travel Sketching in Italy:

    Travel Sketching in Italy:

    Simplify a Complex Scene
    Capture a charming Italian scene quickly with a few simple techniques.
  • Travel Sketching in Manhattan

    Travel Sketching in Manhattan

    With One Point Perspective
    Learn the rules of perspective in New York City
  • Travel Sketching Interiors

    Travel Sketching Interiors

    In Ink and Watercolor
    Sketch interiors in one and two point perspective
  • Laid-Back Lettering

    Laid-Back Lettering

    For Urban Sketching & Journaling
    Learn my shortcut to adding artistic, colorful, dramatic lettering to your sketchbooks, journals, and artwork.
  • Travel Sketching in a Cafe

    Travel Sketching in a Cafe

    Food & Drink in Pencil and Watercolor
    Draw your dinner! Draw your drink!
  • Loose & Expressive Flowers & Leaves

    Loose & Expressive Flowers & Leaves

    For Garden & Nature Journals
    Learn how to use vivid color and interesting lines to create a garden & nature journal that is unique to YOU!
  • Paint Lively & Vivid Greens

    Paint Lively & Vivid Greens

    In Your Garden & Nature Journal
    Learn how to paint a complete outdoor scene, including bold and varied greens.
  • Rediscovering Color

    Rediscovering Color

    A Fresh Approach for Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, and Oil
    Learn a new approach to mixing colors.
  • How to Paint a Chicken

    How to Paint a Chicken

    In Ink, Watercolor, and Gouache
    A step-by-step guide to creating your own chicken portraits.
  • Ink Your Drink

    Ink Your Drink

    Whimsical Cocktail Art with Ink Transfer and Watercolor
    Create whimsical cocktail art using an easy DIY ink transfer technique with watercolor washes.
  • Mixed Media Still Life

    Mixed Media Still Life

    In Gouache, Watercolor, & More
    Paint pumpkins using ALL your art supplies!
  • Fabulous Florals in Gouache and Watercolor

    Fabulous Florals

    In Gouache and Watercolor
    Paint floral bouquets in a fabulous mixed media style
  • Mixed Media Landscapes

    Mixed Media Landscapes

    In Gouache and Watercolor
    Discover landscape painting with your own style
  • Vivid & Colorful Skies

    Vivid & Colorful Skies

    In Gouache and Watercolor
    Paint fabulous skies and sunsets
  • Mixed Media Animal Portraits

    Mixed Media Animal Portraits

    With Gouache or Watercolor
    Paint your pet!
  • A painting and photograph of produce stands behind the text: Painting the Farmers Market in Ink and Watercolor

    Painting the Farmers Market

    With Ink and Watercolor
    Paint a colorful produce stand
  • Real Life Still Life

    Real Life Still Life

    With Just One Line
    Paint a "found" still life with one single line.

Writing Classes

  • Start Your Book Today

    Start Your Book Today

    Three Steps to Your First Draft
    Starting a new book is daunting for all of us. Learn the three steps I take to start a first draft.
  • Build Great Writing Habits title card

    Build Great Writing Habits

    20 Tips for Getting it Done
    If you struggle to find the time, the patience, and the focus you need to get your writing done, this class is for you!
  • Shape Your Story

    Shape Your Story

    Simple Story Structure for Fiction and Nonfiction
    Learn the simple, straightforward methods I use to shape and structure my stories, both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Organize Your Research in Evernote

    Organize Your Research in Evernote

    Strategies for Writers
    Learn how to keep track of ideas and research in Evernote.
  • Research!


    A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers
    Learn how to do in-depth, accurate research.
  • Write Your First Draft

    Write Your First Draft

    A Guide to Finishing Your Book
    Learn some strategies for getting your pages written and staying the course!
  • Rewrite, Revise, Revisit

    Rewrite, Revise, Revisit

    A Guide to Editing Your Book
    Learn how to approach the all-important edits to your book.
  • Create Your Own Book Video

    Create Your Own Book Video

    A Step by Step Guide for Authors
    Learn how to create a high-quality video to promote your books and other projects.
  • Go Paperless

    Go Paperless

    In Your Household & Home Office
    Create paperless systems for running a household or home office.