Treasurer’s Report

I shall take just a few minutes of your time to present the Humboldt Hens Treasurer’s Report. Bess, having been elected treasurer by unanimous acclamation–at least no one opposed her–that is to say, I don’t think anyone opposed her at the meeting I called last week. Suddenly, I’m not so sure. I’m starting to think that think that none of the hens have read Robert’s Rules of Order, but I’m probably overanalyzing.

In any case, Bess should be presenting the report, but she hasn’t mastered the Mavis Beacon typing CD I bought her. In fact, the shiny surface scares her. I keep telling her it won’t be shiny when it’s in her computer, but she never listens to me.Sometimes I suspect she can’t read and that she’s just faking when she hops on my knee when I’m reading a magazine. Bess even falls short with the hunt and peck typing method, to which she should be genetically predisposed–can we still say that? Did we abolish genetics with evolution? I can never remember.

I can, however, remember the Treasurer’s Report. Bess informs me–or would have informed me, I’m sure–that after a remarkable eleven consecutive days of egg laying, our total flock production is 11 eggs, bringing our per-egg cost down to just $74.53 per egg. I didn’t have her check my math–she’s asleep, and besides, she likes to delegate these matters. I think that shows good leadership, don’t you?

(My dear husband posted this in the comments, but I felt it deserved a proper posting of its own.)