Those Naughty Hens

Eleanors_nestWe thought we had foiled the chickens’ attempts to lay eggs outside their box by clearing out the nest they had made and blocking the entrance to it, but Eleanor stubbornly refused to give up and made herself a new nest under the berry vines, where the tangle of thorns almost prevented us from finding it.  All four hens have been lectured sternly and sent to bed.   I have no idea what’s gotten into them.  They’ve gone quite wild.

6 thoughts on “Those Naughty Hens”

  1. They’ve gotten broody. They’re trying to prevent you from taking the eggs, hoping to start a family. Some breeds and some hens have still got this natural instinct not bred out of them. Our Rosie disappeared for two weeks once, we think she went off to make and sit on a clutch of eggs. When no chicks materialize, they eventually giveup and surrender their eggs!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I happened upon your blog trying to lookup info on having backyard chickens in Iowa City. We will be moving there from Georgia this spring. And would Love to have some chickens. Can you tell me if you know anything about the ordinances? I sure would appreciate any help…I love your blog!

  3. Opps sorry Amy, I thought you lived in Iowa…but I just checked out your about page…my search was included Iowa City so I ass-u-med (you know the saying..haha)…

  4. Sounds like you have to keep an eye on those hens of yours…
    I’ve got a small coop out back, currently occupied with 2 chicks. Since I also have a german shepherd, they aren’t free range just quite yet… But that’s good advice to keep an eye on them.
    So, in the event they start laying outside their coop, sounds like the solution is just lock them in their rooms?
    Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s a link the the coop so far…

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