The Jay Leno Arkadelphia Chicken Video

This is so brilliant, folks. Thanks to Brian & Enis for sending a link so I could share it with you. Terry Bradshaw’s the other guest, and he may be the funniest part of the whole deal.

The Arkadelphia Chicken

1 thought on “The Jay Leno Arkadelphia Chicken Video”

  1. Watch a cool chicken video and help SoPo libraries!!
    Sixth grader Olivia Collins created a video for the national “Storytubes” contest and the winner receives $500 in books PLUS $1000 in books for their library! The winner is selected by live online voting and she requests your vote every day until Wednesday June 4th. Her video is called “YOUR CHICKENS” and you can view it (and vote) here:
    Winners in previous categories have had hugely organized voting campaigns so please pass this on to all your chicken-loving (and library-loving!) friends and return to vote every day! Thank you!!!

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