The Girls!

Chickens_by_shedLots of people write to me and ask for more chicken posts.  So here, by popular demand, are some pictures of the girls.  There’s not a great deal of news to report–they are all healthy and happy, and they spend almost all day free-ranging in the backyard now. 

Dolley had an impacted crop for a while, and then it got very swollen and seemed like it was no longer able to expand and contract the way it needs to in order for food to keep moving along.  But I’ve found that if I massage her crop, the food gets going and the whole thing seems to start working again.  The funny part is that she really, really seems to enjoy this.  I put her on my lap, give it a little massage, and she closes her eyes and leans up against me.  Perhaps I should give them all massages.

Other than that, everyone is well. We continue to get just about one egg per chicken per day–far more than we can eat.Bess_in_window
Bess likes to hop up on the windowsill and look in at us when we’re in the kitchen.  She seemed particularly interested in the basket of strawberries I had on the counter.  Sometimes all four of them crowd around the window, looking in at us or simply settling down in the shade of the house for a little afternoon nap.