The Fotis and Their Chickens

I’ve been a fan of the Foti Family blog for a while now, but somehow I didn’t get it that they were part of the Edible Estates project until I saw the NYT story today.  Read more about all of this over at GardenRant, but meanwhile, I point you to the Fotifarm Egg Production Chart, which put me to some shame, as we have slacked off considerably in our own tracking of egg production.  Then I realized that the Fotis, too, stopped tracking their egg production in May, and I felt much better.  Four eggs a day, three eggs, two eggs–who’s counting.  Just eat ’em!

Only a chicken lover could appreciate this video on the Foti blog:

62 thoughts on “The Fotis and Their Chickens”

  1. Trust, me, as a gardener without chickens, I appreciate that. I hate squishing caterpillars and that looks like a MUCH better way to go about it. Imagine how beautiful my hostas would be if I had a chicken…

  2. Ha! We haven’t tried that, yet! But I’ve been experimenting with chicken movies: a couple new chick ones up right now at my spot. Keep up the chicken check-ins!

  3. Loved the chicken video! The banties are so tiny & well-behaved! My crazy girls would have been running around like banshees at the introduction of yummies like these caterpillars into their run!
    Love your blog.
    More chickens, please.

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