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Our Naughty Chickens

Posted by on June 15, 2007 in Chickens

EggsWe had noticed that we weren’t getting as many eggs from Eleanor, and we thought it was awfully odd that we got no eggs at all yesterday, but we didn’t think much of it until Scott found an egg in the compost pile today.  What was it doing there?  Then he noticed that Eleanor was going off by herself and was hard to find.  That’s unusual, because usually when they’re free-ranging in the backyard, they stick together.

So after a little investigation, we found this nest behind a tall clump of tansy.  It looks like Eleanor, Abigail, and Bess have all taken to laying an egg in this spot when it suits them.  So the girls were rounded up and herded back into the coop, where they will be spending a little more time over the next few days while they get re-acquainted with the concept of laying an egg in an egg box.  They are, after all, farm animals.  When they go off and start acting like wild birds, building nests wherever they please, it’s up to us farmers to get them back in line.


  1. LOL! The nerve of those chickens! Will you still be able to eat those eggs?

  2. I used to have two aracuanas and a couple of barren rocks that free-ranged when we lived in the country- they took to laying under a magnolia tree. I’ve been thinking recently about sneaking some chickens into my teensy city backyard. . . I miss those eggs. I love your blog!

  3. Miss Michigan Usa 2007

    Pageant rules prohibit titleholders from competing while pregnant. I packed up 4 boxes yesterday t

  4. Ha ha ha that is just what our girls are doing…. crafty things except ours are liking the dirt under the decking so we have to send our 5 year old in on egg removal. It is like doing an undercover special ops mission