“Lucy is my life.”

I love this story from the Humane Society of a chicken that was evacuated to the Astrodome:

“We do know of at least one hen who rests safely. Her guardian was evidently bused to the Houston Astrodome evacuee shelter holding the animal under his arm. The beleaguered shelter staff may have thought it strange that a man walked in with a chicken. But if they did, we have no report that they gave him any trouble. To their credit, the shelter staff simply took the chicken to be processed along with the other animals.

A staff member later approached the man, asking, ‘Are you the owner of the chicken?’ He replied indignantly, ‘That’s not a chicken. That’s my Lucy! Lucy is my life.’ He had been with her all her life, ‘from a peep,’ he said.

Lucy, meanwhile, heard her guardian’s voice from way in the back and started clucking happily as they were reunited, the two finding solace in a welter of broken families.”

I Love Lucy: One Chicken’s Story of Rescue