In response to various hen-related questions:

Q: Why hens?
A: Eggs, manure, pets, garden ornamentation, and further proof that we’ve managed to slow down and get out of the big city. Also, it’s always good to have someone to torment the cats.

Q: Only two?
A: Nope. The plan is to get three or four. We really had our heart set on some Araucanas because they lay blue or green eggs, and we also wanted a couple of brown egg layers. We couldn’t wait to get started, so we took these two home from the feed store, and as soon as they get some Araucanas (or a related breed, Americaunas), we’ll increase our flock by two.

Q: Where are they going to live?
A: We’ve converted half of the old shed out back into a henhouse, and built a small enclosed run outside. They’ll also be allowed to free range in the garden. Photos coming soon.

Q: When do you get some eggs?
A: Usually at about 4-5 months of age. August, maybe. They lay the most in their first year. Send your egg recipes!