Fabulous Chicken Gear

Is the T-shirt the new canvas, the new form of artistic expression? It may be. For obvious reasons, I’ve developed a real appreciation for chicken art over the last few months (And I’d like to know: How do you get your hens all grouped together so charmingly, and convince them to hold still long enough to take a photo?)

I have yet to get enough really good, painterly photographs of my chickens–the sort that I could take to painting class and work on. But other people have, and their work is surprisingly affordable in the form of a T-shirt or coffee mug. Check out some fine chicken art here from artist Sue Medaris.

And if that’s not good enough: Savage Chickens gear from cartoonist Doug Savage, who draws a chicken cartoon on a Post-It every day. Every single day. What focus, what commitment. Go, Doug.

Who knows–maybe there will be an Eleanor T-shirt someday. Smile, girls!