Egg The Third.

We’re on a roll. Eggs seem to be coming every morning at eleven-ish. The search for new egg recipes is on, so send them our way. Today Scott’s making us a Spanish omelet for lunch, which is not, as it turns out, an omelet with salsa on top, but a kind of sliced egg and potato thing that they serve on a roll for lunch in Spain.

We went out and watched some of the pre-egg laying activities this morning, but it went on so long that we eventually gave up and went inside. I would estimate that about two hours of our chickens’ time was devoted to the following this morning:

1. Eleanor hopping in and out of the nesting box while the other girls watched.
2. Abigail trying to get in the nesting box with Eleanor to keep her company.
3. Abigail sitting just outside the nesting box while Eleanor was inside, as if to guard her.
4. All of them pacing back and forth, while remaining uncharacteristically silent.
5. Sleeping. I’ve not really noticed them to be nappers, but they seemed to need a nap in the middle of all this.
6. Finally, the arrival of the egg is announced with a loud call that I can hear from my desk.

Scott was quite amused by how involved they all seemed to be in the process. He said, “Look at how they have to do everything together. They’re such girls.” Yeah, if they were guys, they’d all be off watching the game.

I can’t imagine what it will be like when all four of them start laying. If they keep acting like this, just getting four eggs out will be an all day event. At least it’s something for them to do.