Easter Eggs!

Thanks, girls!

And if you’re in the mood for some truly fancy organic dyed easter eggs, (I know, Easter is over, this information would have been useful a week ago), check out this great article on all-natural egg dyes made of spinach, berries, cabbage and more.

Oh, and someone asked what chicken scratch was. Good question! It’s a mixture of hard, whole grains like corn and wheat that chickens absolutely love to eat. You can’t feed it to them all the time–this is like candy to them, not a balanced meal–but as a bribe or a reward it’s great. I think the reason it’s called “scratch” is that you can toss a handful of it on the ground and they love scratching around for it. We use chicken scratch to round the girls up after they’ve been free-ranging and put them back in their run. They will follow a handful of scratch anywhere. Posted by Picasa

1 thought on “Easter Eggs!”

  1. Amy — just found your Blog via Gardening How-To. Brava!
    I, too, have chickens — I have ten crazy hens, Marshall the alpha male rooster, and Randy — the world’s horniest rooster.
    My girls are Ameraucana, so I get pretty pastel Easter Eggs every day! I sell my extra eggs at the local Farmer’s Market on Thursday nights.
    Just wanted to say “love your blog”

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