Coop Security Measures Continue

Anchored chicken wire around the back side of the coop today. Only one more side to do. So far, it has worked–the critter dug its way out of the coop but has not been able to dig its way back in. Cat food left inside the coop as bait is untouched.

In spite of the latest round of security measures, we are still thinking of building a box inside the coop to lock them in at night. It just seems that if a raccoon or possum had nothing better to do, night after night, it would eventually get in our dilapidated old shed. And if I came out one morning to a scene of carnage, it would absolutely break my heart.

Today at the pet store I tried to talk Scott into buying some toys for the girls. Little silly bird toys of some kind. He’s more interested in giving them straw, grass, wadded up bits of paper, and so forth. It is true that just about any little bit of debris makes a great toy for them. One of them picks it up in her beak and starts running, and the rest of them chase after her. It’s a little like soccer, all of them running from one end to the other.