Comptroller’s Report

Humboldt Hens Production Report No. 1

Our first unit (“Eleanor”) went online on day 138 of operation. “Dolley” (operational on day 144) and “Abigail” (day 160) soon followed. The smallest unit, “Bess,” has yet to start production but the staff is convinced that she will be in operation tomorrow or Wednesday (day 167 or 168). Updates will be posted regularly. We believe Bess is likely to be a green unit. Dolley’s output is blue and Eleanor and Abigail’s output are both brown.

Total production to date: 5.67 dozen (68)
Production By Color
Brown: 4.0 dozen (48)
Blue: 1.67 dozen (20)

Below follows a unit-by-unit report on production levels:

Model: Rhode Island Red
Fully operational: Day 138
Total production: 2.83 dozen (34)
Production color: Reddish brown
Days off: 2
Longest consecutive period of production: 19 days
Comments: This unit came online quickly and has shown considerable stamina and consistency. Due to an unknown error, a small crack was observed in her second-day output. This has not been repeated and is assumed to be an aberration.

Model: Americauna
Fully operational: Day 144
Total production: 1.67 dozen (20)
Production color: Blue
Days off: 3
Longest consecutive period of production: 10 days and counting
Comments: This unit’s production began relatively early but was inconsistent, especially at the beginning. After fits and starts, Dolley has been producing for ten consecutive days. Overall reliability has yet to be determined.

Model: Golden-laced Wyandotte
Fully operational: Day 160
Total production: 1.17 dozen (14)
Production color: Light brown
Days off: 0
Longest consecutive period of production: 14 days and counting
Comments: While we waited a full three weeks from the day Eleanor went online to the first day of production of this unit, Abigail has produced consistently for the last two weeks without a break. Other than Eleanor’s first period of operation, this is the longest consecutive production streak of any of the units. Overall reliability seems good, however all the units produced so far have a small crimp in one end. This is purely cosmetic but our engineers are looking for a way to correct the problem.

Model: Americauna
Fully operational: N/A
Total production: 0
Production color: N/A
Days off: N/A
Longest consecutive period of production: N/A
Comments: No production as of day 166. First output is expected this week.