Chocolate-filled eggshells

You go, Martha! For a while I was worried that Martha Stewart had lost her enthusiasm for the obscure and difficult, and was instead going for least-common-denominator tips and recipes to appeal to the masses. No more! Now we’re blowing out eggs (using a drill, of course), and filling them with melted chocolate that must be kept at EXACTLY 88 degrees while it’s being drizzled into the eggshell.

Woo-hoo! I will NEVER do it, even though I have four of Dolley’s lovely blue eggs all hollowed out because we decided not to eat them while she was on medication–but I will think of it, dream of it, and wish I WOULD do it! That’s what I need Martha for!

Wonderful way to make chocolate-filled eggshells – 03/25/06 – The Detroit News