Cat Meets Chicken

Dscn10031 Man picks up cat.

Chicken jumps on man.

Cat hides head in man’s arm and moans.

Chicken tries to kiss man.

It’s a typical day in the Stewart/Brown household.

4 thoughts on “Cat Meets Chicken”

  1. OMG that’s hilarious. And b/c you don’t brag on your man’s sex appeal like another married woman we know, I had no idea how fricking cute Scott is. So as in everything you do, you go, girl.

  2. Not wanting to be the harbinger of doom or anything but just be aware that close contact with poultry increases the risk of disease transmission.
    Poultry carry a range of afflictions, most of them a natural part of their life cycle but a few of them are picked up in the environment they’re in and they carry them too.
    Now I realise that when people think poultry these days they think “bird flu!” but in addition to this there are other little nasties that humans can pick up (and not die from but suffer some inconvenience).
    Never let a chook kiss you.
    Never bury your face in a chook (seen kids do this a lot).
    Always wash after handling chooks.
    Familiarity breeds complacency breeds contempt breeds disease.

  3. To Denise, What’s a CHOOK? If you type it in or ask a poultry breeder, they don’t know either. I have had 15 or so pet chickens for the last 6 years and I have yet to contact any of those “diseases” you talked about. I even clean their cages/pens without gloves mostly, and pet and hug my favorites. I think I can get a disease easier from people!

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