Are you into chicks?

Call it nostalgia, call it crass commercialism, call it what you will. It’s almost that time of year again, and you know what I’m talking about. The baby chicks are going to start arriving in feed stores soon. I can feel it.

It would not be prudent for me to bring home any more peeps from the feed store. Four chickens are enough. It would be difficult to integrate young uns into our established flock. We’re out of town too much this spring to be raising chicks in the bathtub. Etc, etc.

But I pulled out this baby photo of Eleanor and Abigail and it was too much. Rather than buy more chicks, I’m making T-shirts. If you want one (or a tote bag, or a mouse pad, or…well, you get the idea), check out the Humboldt Hens shop at CafePress. Happy shopping!