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Keeping Chickens at Home.

And in response to a question about what we do with all those eggs–on a good day, we get four eggs, one from each hen. But on average, we probably get 3 eggs a day, maybe 20 eggs a week.

We have eggs for breakfast a couple times a week, so that uses up 8 or so.

Sometimes Scott makes a fabulous breakfast thing called a Dutch pancake, which I think is made of eggs, flour, and milk. It bakes in the oven and rises slightly like a souffle. He puts fruit it in. So that uses up a few more eggs.

Sometimes we make egg salad. It is hard to hard-boil fresh eggs, because there is so little air inside the egg when it’s fresh that the eggs are difficult to peel. But we do it anyway, and that uses up a few more eggs.

Then we give the rest away. A dozen eggs makes a great hostess gift. I take some to painting class to share with my classmates. I leave them with the neighbors to make up for the noise the hens sometimes make first thing in the morning, when they’re all excited about laying their eggs.

And when we’re out of town, the kid in the neighborhood who hen-sits for us gets to keep the eggs as part of the deal.