Ah, the drama!

It’s rare to catch one of these dramatic moments, but I just happened to have the camera in my hand when Bess popped into the laundry room (perhaps to have a look at the cat food? or a return to her ancestral home in the downstairs bathroom?) and on her way out, who should she run into but Loretta.

Loretta: Don’t move, Chicken Little. I’ve got you right where I want you.

Bess: Nice try, hairball. We all know who’s in charge around here.

Loretta: They’ll never let you move into the house, you know.

Bess: Oh, yeah? Guess what, Whiskas? Chickens actually sleep at night. We don’t run up and down the hall like our tail’s on fire at three a.m.. And in the morning? We make them breakfast. Then we go outside and eat weeds and snails. You should try it sometime.

Loretta: Oh yeah, like I’ve got that kind of time. Out of my way, birdbrain. I’m late for my nap. Posted by Picasa