A Damn Fine Chicken Coop

Dscn1926 Spotted in the English countryside:  just about the smartest little chicken house a flock could ever want.  (Sorry for the fence in the foreground; there was no getting around that.)

On the left, a nice wooden coop with nesting boxes sticking out the side, making it easy to collect eggs from the outside.  Windows that can be shuttered up on the coldest winter nights.  A nice big run, screened on top, with board along the base to keep predators out and chickens in.  And if you were very smart, you’d make the entire run detachable so you could rotate it around and attach it to another side of the coop next year, giving the girls some fresh grass to go to work on.

7 thoughts on “A Damn Fine Chicken Coop”

  1. No, the run illustrated here is too big to make it proficiently detachable. What you would do is utilise temporary fencing – either by way of a mobile dome or netting – in *conjunction with* the coop and use that during the day, thereby increasing rotation time (ie picking a new spot per day, per week but no more than two weeks) and lessening the negative impact on the ground caused by the birds being there too long. You’d then return them to the coop at night. This movement is easily achieved with a small flock and would take up a small amount of time.
    This practice not only ensures biosecurity of your flock in that they are being allowed to roam on new ground albeit in a controlled fashion but the birds’ overall wellbeing, as well as enough impact on the land to enhance growth not impede it as well as allowing other parts of your land to rest and renew.

  2. Very nicely done! I like your entire site… funny, I happened upon it while looking for a “red-wiggler” photo, not knowing this would lead to lots of time spent cruising around!
    Thank you for all the fantastic postings… interesting chicken photos, wonderfully impressionistic hen portrait and the rest…
    terrific… now I’m headed back out into the rain to pick up the proper worms for my composting bin! Before the chickens get to them (“>
    P.S. I love my copy of The Earth Moved… then someone stole it… the ultimate compliment.

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