It's Here! The Sequel You've Been Waiting For

Cover of Lady Cop Makes Trouble

Lady Cop Makes Trouble

The Second Kopp Sisters Novel
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

From the New York Times Bestselling Author

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The best-selling author of Girl Waits with Gun returns with another adventure featuring the fascinating, feisty, and unforgettable Kopp sisters.

In 1915, lady cops were not expected to chase down fugitives on the streets of New York City. But Constance Kopp never did what anyone expected.

Constance Kopp and her sisters aren’t going to be living a quiet life anymore. They made the news by fighting back against a ruthless silk factory owner and his gang of thugs. And after Bergen County’s Sheriff Heath sees Constance in action, he appoints her as one of the nation’s first female deputies. He knows she’s a powerful addition to his force, and she knows she can do the job, but when the wiles of a German-speaking con man threaten her position and her hopes for this new life—and risk the honorable sheriff’s being thrown in his own jail—Constance is forced to prove herself again.

Lady Cop Makes Trouble sets Constance loose on the streets of New York City and New Jersey. Even as she tracks her fugitive, she’s also tested by other cases—helping runaway girls taken in by unscrupulous men and sorting out why an old woman is taking the fall for a murder she couldn’t have committed. Cheering her on are her sisters Norma and Fleurette—that is, when they aren’t, respectively, training pigeons for the war effort or fanning dreams of a life on the stage.

Based on the Kopp sisters’ real-life adventures, Girl Waits with Gun introduced the sensational lives of Constance Kopp and her unconventional sisters to an army of enthusiastic readers. This second installment, also based on their true story, takes us further into the romping, riveting story of a woman who defied expectations, forged her own path, and tackled crime—and nefarious criminals!—along the way.

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters
Meet the real Constance Kopp and the other people that inspired MISS KOPP'S MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS

Constance's World

Constance's World
See what life was like in the Kopp's New Jersey--and read their press clippings.

Press Kit

Press Kit
Download fact sheets, Q&A, and other press kit materials.

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Book Clubs: Call me!
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  • A book club favorite for 2016
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Critics Called for a Sequel - And Here It Is!

"“Lady Cop Makes Trouble” takes readers on a lively chase through a lost world. It’s a colorful and inventive adventure tale that also contains a serious message at its core about the importance of meaningful work to women’s identities and, in some cases, survival."
"No sophomore jinx for author Amy Stewart...she picks up where she left off in her fresh, appealing and delightful debut novel Girl Waits With Gun. Her graphic accounts of Kopp's manhunt adventures and jail matron job are redolent of Dickens. Like mystery giant James Lee Burke, Stewart is a sensualist."
"A clever, suspenseful, and funny tale of a formidable woman facing crime, politics, social stigma, all while nailing evildoers... Fans of the first Kopp Sisters novel will find another treat in this follow-up."
"Amy Stewart serves up another rip-roaring historical adventure in her second novel featuring Constance Kopp, pioneering female deputy sheriff. The fast-paced action, wry dialogue and Constance's reflections on her chosen career combine to make Lady Cop Makes Trouble a highly satisfying adventure."
"Stewart crafts a heady brew of mystery and action in a fast-moving, craftily written novel that’s fueled by actual news headlines of the day."
“Stewart’s follow-up to Girl Waits With Gun is equally fascinating...Complemented by the historical notes that Stewart provides, Lady Cop is both informative and loads of fun.”
"Constance and her sisters are every bit as enjoyable in this outing as their first. Stewart deftly combines the rough-and-tumble atmosphere of early 20th-century New York City with the story of three women who want to live life on their own terms. The addition of supporting female characters who are also pushing societal boundaries is a welcome touch to the series."
"Constance Kopp's real-life adventures as "New Jersey's first lady deputy sheriff" again make savory grist for Stewart's fictional mill ...Smart, atmospheric fun, with enough loose ends left dangling to assure fans there will be more entries in this enjoyable series."
"Lady Cop Makes Trouble is an arresting sequel... It's a great yarn, made even better when you remember this is all based on reality."
"The voice of a woman with resolute moral character and endearingly human foibles; a modern woman pushing against the strictures of her time...What else might they do in the future? Readers will just have to wait — impatiently, no doubt — for book No. 3."
"And then there is Constance: Sequestered for years in the country and cowed by life, she develops believably into a woman who comes into herself, discovering powers long smothered under shame and resignation. I, for one, would like to see her return to wield them again in further installments."
"Girl Waits With Gun was one of the most enjoyable literary surprises of 2015, and the sequel, Lady Cop Makes Trouble, pursues its clever premise...The multiple crimes that Stewart weaves into her tale are one thing, but equally compelling are the lovingly rendered characters."
"Constance Kopp is one of the most fascinating characters in recent mystery fiction. The fact that Stewart bases her on a real person and uses real events in her plots make Constance even more fascinating. Lady Cop Makes Trouble is one of the best mystery novels of the year: wonderful and very entertaining characters based on meticulous research, understated humor, and an accurate snapshot of the times just prior to America’s entry in WWI. Kudos to Amy Stewart and Constance Kopp. May there be many more sequels to follow."
"The second entry in Amy Stewart’s historical mystery series based on the real-life Kopp sisters is as compulsively readable and effortlessly enjoyable as the first...So bring on more of the Kopp sisters! I can’t wait to see what they get up to next."
"The multiple players in the story provide wry situational humor and a backdrop for Kopp’s unique, forceful character, while Sheriff Heath's surprisingly supportive regard lends a hopeful relational perspective. Stewart adeptly introduces details of early twentieth-century life in Hackensack, New Jersey, a burgeoning city on the outskirts of New York, and timely concerns such as jail reform and women’s rights, rounding out this immensely satisfying mystery."
"Constance would be a kick even if she were purely fictional. She’s almost 6 feet tall, strong and stoic to a fault, a classic Sam Spade detective who doesn’t quite understand why the rest of the world won’t treat her as such. The satisfaction of watching Constance out-work and out-detective her male colleagues is enormous, and knowing that she really existed only makes it better. Let’s hear it for ladies throughout history making trouble."
"With a light touch and droll humour, Stewart crafts sustained plots out of material that in less skilful hands might remain as dead as a post-exploitation silkworm...The tight timeframe of the Stewart novels means readers glimpse welcome and concerning trends in societal change much as the characters do."
"The mix of true crime facts and historical embellishments proved to be the perfect afternoon adventure."