Kopp Sisters Series

Dear Readers,

Several years ago, I stumbled across a newspaper article about a forgotten woman in law enforcement: Constance Kopp. I was immediately enchanted by her story, and that of her two sisters. For well over a decade, their exploits as crime-fighters and detectives made newspapers nationwide–but they’d been entirely forgotten. I knew immediately that I had to tell their story.

The books have been translated into a dozen languages, and adopted by book clubs and Community-wide Read programs.

But all that matters to me is that I pay tribute to these extraordinary women and give you the chance to love them as much as I do.

Amy Stewart

Kopp Sisters Series
“The Kopp sisters easily could have been a footnote in history, were it not for Stewart's painstaking research and fine flair for building a story.”
– Star-Ledger
  • Cover of Girl Waits with Gun

    Girl Waits with Gun

    The First Kopp Sisters Novel
    In this remarkable true story, Constance Kopp discovers just how far one woman will go to protect her family--and she does it in a way few women of 1914 would've dared.
  • Cover of Lady Cop Makes Trouble

    Lady Cop Makes Trouble

    The Second Kopp Sisters Novel
    This second installment, also based on their true story, takes us further into the romping, riveting story of a woman who defied expectations, forged her own path, and tackled crime—and nefarious criminals!—along the way.
  • Cover of Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions

    Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions

    The Third Kopp Sisters Novel
    Deputy sheriff Constance Kopp is outraged to see young women brought into the Hackensack jail over dubious charges of waywardness, incorrigibility, and moral depravity. But such were the laws—and morals—of 1916.
  • Cover of Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit

    Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit

    The Fourth Kopp Sisters Novel
    After a year on the job, New Jersey’s first female deputy sheriff has collared criminals, demanded justice for wronged women, and gained notoriety nationwide for her exploits. But on one stormy night in 1916, everything falls apart.
  • Cover of Kopp Sisters on the March

    Kopp Sisters on the March

    The Fifth Kopp Sisters Novel
    In the spring of 1917, the Kopp sisters join a group of intrepid women preparing for new roles as the U.S. enters World War I.
  • Cover of Dear Miss Kopp

    Dear Miss Kopp

    The Sixth Kopp Sisters Novel
    The indomitable Kopp sisters are tested at home and aboard in this warm and witty tale of wartime courage and camaraderie.
  • Book cover for Miss Kopp Investigates

    Miss Kopp Investigates

    The Seventh Kopp Sisters Novel
    Life after the war takes an unexpected turn for the Kopp sisters.

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters
Meet the real Constance Kopp and the other people that inspired MISS KOPP'S MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS

Constance's World

Constance's World
See what life was like in the Kopp's New Jersey--and read their press clippings.

Press Kit

Press Kit
Download fact sheets, Q&A, and other press kit materials.

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Book Clubs: Call me!
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