Wicked News–and More News–and Still More!

My Neglected, Weedy, Overgrown Garden Gets Some Visitors

Wow–it's been a busy autumn for me.  My friends at Fine Gardening paid a visit to Humboldt County a couple weeks ago.  I tried to talk them out of coming to my garden, given the sorry, neglected state it's fallen into while I've been on the road, but they were determined and quite persuasive.  I'm sure we'll see photos and incriminating video on their website soon, so stay tuned.  Oh, and I've also got a short piece in the December issue of Fine Gardening about my "three garden wishes," and another piece coming up soon.  That I have not yet written.  So more about that after I write it.

Television!  More Television!

In other news, there are two things coming up to check out on TV:  the Botany of Desire documentary on PBS, which airs October 28 and includes an interview with me for the section on tulips, and the eagerly-anticipated Cake Boss episode on TLC, airing October 26, in which Buddy makes a Wicked Plants cake and delivers it to me at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (The cake was unbelievably delicious, by the way.  Those cakes are not just about their looks!)

Travel!  More Travel!

So tune in for those two things.  I'm also on the road a lot this month, with events scheduled in  Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Austin.   2010 is already starting to look busy–I'll be back in southern California, and then Kansas City, Lincoln, NE, Palm Beach, FL, Memphis, northern California, and more.  See the whole schedule here.

Let's Go to the Spa!

Oh, and in case you've been thinking about planning a spa trip (and you were, weren't you?) I'm going to be at Lake Austin Spa around April 19-21 as part of a special week of gardening events.  Come on–you owe it to yourself!  When are we ever going to get to sit around and chat about gardening in our robes and slippers, if not at Lake Austin Spa?  Their garden is unbelievable, the food is amazing–and, well, it's a spa.  What's not to like?

Help Me Stay Busy and Further Neglect My Garden.

And finally, there's this.  I've had speaking requests from several areas around the country and I'd like to try to put together a bunch of events in each region.  So if you've got a garden club, book group, conference, or anything else coming up in one of these regions, I hope you'll get in touch:

Washington/Oregon/Idaho, perhaps in early October 2010

England (!), perhaps in fall 2010.

North/South Carolina

Alaska sometime in the summer (Please, let it be the summer!)

Canada–Calgary?  Toronto?

Sound interesting?  Details on speaking engagements are here.

Or We Could All Just Sit in Front of Our Computers.

Did I mention that I've been doing webcam and videoconference events with libraries, book clubs, and garden clubs? It's surprisingly easy, and it's the next best thing to being there.  Check it out here.