Wicked Bugs: Creeping, Crawling, and Slithering to a City Near You

Wicked bugs exhibit image

My new book, Wicked Bugs, will be out in May 2011.  No, this isn't the cover–this is the graphic design for a traveling exhibit that will be going around the country after the book comes out. If you happen to be affiliated with a botanical garden, science museum, zoo, etc., read all about the outdoor version of the exhibit here. There's also an indoor version, complete with (optional) live bugs–more news about that as I have it.

This is all coming about because I met the people at Outhouse Exhibit Services at a garden show in Kansas City.  You never know what might happen in Kansas City.

More about the book in the fall, when I have a cover design and other details to share.  Meanwhile, if your garden club, bookstore, botanical garden, Master Gardener group, etc would like to be a stop on the book tour in May/June 2011, shoot an email my way at amy at amystewart dot com.  I'm putting a list of cities together for book tour consideration.

And now I'm back to proofreading bug names…

3 thoughts on “Wicked Bugs: Creeping, Crawling, and Slithering to a City Near You”

  1. Amy(met you at Karen’s workshop in NYC) love your book”Wicked Plants”….it is great! Just went to a Carol Marine workshop and it was fabulous…a great one to compliment Karen’s…sounds like things are popping for you…congratulations

  2. I loved Wicked plants and will look forward to Wicked Bugs next year.
    I love the concept of a bug petting station. Perhaps this will teach children and adults not to kill these beneficial insects when they see them in their own landscape.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I work as an Invertebrate Zookeeper for an Invertebrate Zoo in Colorado. We just got your book in and we LOVE it! Several of us zookeepers have our degrees in Entomology and we could not wait for this book to come out. Now that we have it we can’t put it down. Thanks for the great read!

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