What I Learned in the Midwest

(note–I wrote this on the plane and forgot to post it. So here you go…)

1. It is possible for it to be too cold to snow.

2. TV trucks were designed to transmit signals on location when it’s 32 degrees outside, but they don’t work when it’s minus 9. The Ice Age will not be televised.

3. Flowers must be wrapped tightly in plastic for the trip from the store to the car or the cold will burn them.

4. Ten below feels no different from twenty above, there’s just less time until your face goes numb.

5. If a plane sits on the runway long enough, the lavatory tank becomes frozen and cannot be pumped out.

6. The Guardian, a two-hour recruiting tool for the Coast Guard starring Kevin Costner, may be the worst movie ever made, and yet I’ve seen it twice.

Almost home! Two days to do laundry, along with an event at my local bookstore and several hours of phone interviews, then I’m off to DC for more cold.