The New Cover


My publisher is getting ready to send the press kits out, and they’ve redesigned the cover.  What do you think?

13 thoughts on “The New Cover”

  1. I like it a LOT. Nothing wrong with the old one, but this is, well, sexier! It seems like that flower’s about to tell me a secret. 🙂
    More eye-catching too I would imagine.

  2. I think that looks really terrific — an incredible design! I liked the other one, too, but this one is much more striking and aggressive (in a good way). Simpler, too. Your eye has fewer places to bounce around and your brain has more time to absorb what the book is about.

  3. You’re right. The subtitle will need quite a bit of tweaking, but otherwise it looks pretty fabulous! VS

  4. Stephanie Berry

    Absolutely beautiful picture and color. I like how it shows the underside of the flower, which eludes to what may be unveiled in the book.
    I just finished your book “From the Ground Up”, and decided to Google your name to see what else you had authored. I am an amateur gardener in Maine, who is one year into first-home ownership and a yearling garden. I very much identified with your insight and humor regarding your own first garden. You have a wonderful writing style and I look forward to your new book.

  5. hi Amy,
    i am an art director, so i have to comment on the cover, i do really think it works, the bold color and “macro” image would catch my eye on the shelf.
    just finished “from the ground up” this past weekend, i laughed cause i have almost all of your issues in MY first garden this summer, including the aging cat (mine is currently seventeen)…no snails here in south dakota, but that purslane you are liking is MY oxalis!!
    it was a great read, thanks so much!

  6. Amy –
    The new cover is very appealing, and has quite a different tone from the previous. More sensuous, less all-business. I’d be more likely to pick this one up if I saw the two side-by-side (matching titles notwithstanding).
    Which do you prefer? As author, did you have a strong say in the cover design decisions?
    – Judith

  7. Very snappy looking, big improvement over the other cover that had too much of an air of Ball growing guide or college text book to it. Congratulations on a smart publisher.

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