The Paperback!


Complete with a new afterword.  Coming soon to a bookstore near you….

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  1. i Amy..just came across your blog. I would love to read your book! I owned a flower shop in Corona Del Mar calif. for twenty years. This book would be right up my alley! Love your blog and your paintings! I have dabbled in the paint since leaving the flower biz. ..Nice to meet you!

  2. Stephanie Brigss

    I could not put down Flower Confidential. Each time I gleaned a bit of knowledge, I had the automatic urge to share it. My husband was on the computer in the same room and humored me by pausing to listen as I tried to pour out some fascinating fact before his attention evaporated.
    I could relate to every story from the agony of the severed relationship of Leslie Woodriff and Ted Kirsch to Natasch Van De Polder’s marital strife. My husband is very good to me. However, he got into the habit of contacting 1-800 Flowers to have roses sent to me at work. The flowers would arrive in a cardboard box with little plastic water holders, a piece of greenery, a food packet, and a vase. All the leaves were usually brown and I would have to strip them off before arranging the stems in the tacky vase. I used a pair of scissors from my desk, not the best way to cut the hardened, dried out stems, and removed some droopy, broken petals before displaying them in my cubicle. It felt as if I had received a box of office supplies. Not the romantic gesture he intended; and the “gift” ultimately made me resentful to make the “thank you” call. I finally asked him not to send me do-it-yourself flowers. Ungrateful? Maybe, but I just could not endure another delivery.
    I love the way you wove the stories of all the participants. I especially liked the description of Bunny Schreiber. I think I might be much like her; gritty, savvy, and able to navigate the logistics of such an exciting and demanding job. The anonymous workers and the conditions under which they live/work really tugged at my conscience. Picking up a bunch of flowers at the Safeway means something very different to me now. I took it for granted and even scrutinized the price; never considering the work that went into my secret indulgence.
    The purchase of your book was part of my due diligence to prepare a business plan to open a cut flower business in my new home town of Grapevine, Texas. I found a beautiful stone building that is a historic landmark on about one and a half acres in a high traffic area. I thought it would be a shame to see another fast food restaurant or self- storage facility scar the landscape of this treasure of a town. So I contacted the owner and began trying to gather information about the viability of a small flower farm to provide native cut flowers to the local market.
    Thank you so much for the insight into this industry. I did not expect to find such a great argument for and against diving into this business. The jury is still out on the final decision but I can tell you that my love of flowers may yet find a way to create a beautiful spot for someone to stop and smell the roses.

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