Talking Flowers

Pnba I’m a little behind with my posts from the road.  On most weekends, I’m traveling around to bookseller trade shows talking up the book.  It’s interesting how different every trade show is–and I think it really points out what a diverse group independent booksellers are. 

For instance, in Portland, everybody wanted to know more about the blue rose (a creation that Florigene is working on in its laboratory–I interviewed one of the scientists for the book), and they also all wanted to know why flowers have lost their fragrance.  (short answer:  it’s a trade-off with vase life for many flowers.  The good news is that breeders are working on developing new fragrant flowers that smell wonderful and last longer in the vase.)

I was also surprised once again to see how many booksellers had some connection with the floral industry.  Some had owned a flower shop in the past, or had parents in the business, or had a good friend who was thinking of becoming a florist.  And, as one independent bookseller said, "The independent bookstores, video stores, flower shops–we’re all in this together."

Whatever the reason, everybody was happy to hang around the booth and talk about flowers.