See You in Miami?

I’m on my way to the Miami Book Fair.  My event is Sunday at 11; come say hello if you’re there.

And in the "this has nothing to do with gardening" section:

While I’m gone, please head over to NPR’s website and hear Peter Sagal’s brilliant commentary on the insanity of the American dream.  I could kiss him on his little head.  Go, Peter Sagal. (He’s got a new book out called The Book of Vice–check that out, too.)

2 thoughts on “See You in Miami?”

  1. Amy,
    Do you if C-Span will cover your talk? They always seem to be at the Miami Book Fair. It would be nice if they did, since I’m positive you won’t make it to my small town! =;)

  2. K- The worst I think for both of us is worrying that our art is not as good as other people’s and of course, hoping to get some sales. Sales validate our art. It shows that people like what we do well enough to want to own it. The best for me is that I’m motivated to create again. For many years life was too hectic raising children, working and going to school. Now that my children are pretty much grown, I have more time to concentrate on what I love to do. I am challenged again. Yay!

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