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See you at the Garden Shows!

Posted by on March 6, 2008 in Book Tour/Events

This month, I’m in Boston and San Francisco.  If you’re going to the shows, stop by and say hi.  In Boston, I’m also leading a tour of the show gardens at 9 am on Saturday.  Apparently my role is simply to provide witty commentary.  I’m much more witty at 5 pm with a glass of Champagne in my hand, but we’ll see what I can manage at 9 am with a double nonfat latte.

Saturday, March 8, 1:30
Discussion & Booksigning
New England Spring Flower Show
Boston, MA

Wednesday, March 12, 12:00
Booksigning at Mrs. Dalloway’s booth
San Francisco Garden Show
San Francisco, CA


  1. Rats! I can only go to the SF Show on Friday, the 14th. Very sorry to miss you (again)!

  2. Darn it…I’ll be close by you on 3/12-at the de Young Museum SF for Bouquets to Art, attending a lecture lecture by Ralph Null, and nursing my exhibit there! Exciting stuff always happens at once doesn’t it? I wish I could swing by and see you–maybe…

  3. Amy: Nice to meet you on Saturday! Great lecture. Hope you made your flight! I did post on the show over here:
    Sorry you look asleep in the photo but it was dark. Still, it’s not bad and your slide looks luscious!

  4. Awhile back I found a website that sold hats with a bug net zipped into a secret compartment. They’re great for out in the garden to prevent bug bites when you just can’t swat the bug with your dirty hands. Let me know if you find any at these shows.

  5. I read this post after I had attended the show. I wrote about it here.