I was going to take a picture of the exterior of the hotel , but it is 7 degrees outside. That’s right, I said 7. So here’s the hallway.

This is everyone’s fantasy of what a book tour is like–luxury hotel (Hotel Burnham—check it out) and a staff that knows your name and can get you a table at Charlie Trotter’s with a couple hours’ notice.

So that’s where I went last night. A once in a lifetime 9 course meal that kept me so busy that I didn’t mind eating alone. Favorite item-baby Brussels sprout the size of grapes. And they’re purple. The staff brought a little box of them out for me to see in their uncooked state. They come from a farm in Ohio.

Reading at Anderson’s tonight.

4 thoughts on “Chicago”

  1. girlgonegardening

    You came during a warm january spell. this winter is pretty mild this year. 🙂 You lucked out.

  2. Seven degrees? That’s really old-school Tundra days. Five minutes in that weather and your face feels like a crumpled paper bag. At least the dinner was divine. I remember why I left the Midwest for the temperate zone of No. California. Stay warm and good luck on the journey.

  3. girlgonegardening

    Just wait untill monday…our high is supposed to be only 3* 🙂
    They say it will be the coldest in ten years! Im so excited 🙂

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