Calling All Garden Clubs, Book Clubs, and Organizers of Rowdy Get-Togethers

If you’re part of a group that gets together to swap stories, tell lies, read books, dig in the dirt, or drink good wine or cheap beer, I hope you’ll check the Events page and see if I’m coming to your part of the world.  I just got a flurry of requests from garden clubs and conference organizers for these areas:  New York, DC, LA, Chicago, and Texas.  Sometimes, if I have two events in the same town a week or two apart, I’ll try to fill in the gaps with other speaking engagements so I can just stay put rather than fly home and back.   It saves on travel costs and makes the whole thing more affordable for everyone.

Go here to find out what’s involved with booking a talk.  Maybe I’ll see you out there somewhere.

1 thought on “Calling All Garden Clubs, Book Clubs, and Organizers of Rowdy Get-Togethers”

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