At the Airport

Thursday, April 8, 2004 Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Airport, 10:10 a.m.

Ah, the glamorous life of an author. My flight’s delayed. Wind out of Chicago is preventing planes from taking off. When I arrived at the airport, I found out that United had re-booked me on a flight tomorrow, but fortunately someone found a spot for me on a later flight today. If I’m lucky, my plane will take off at 2:00, but they’ve already told me that the more likely departure time will be 3:20. That means I’ll land in Chicago just as my flight to SFO is boarding. So if all goes well, I’ll sprint to my gate, get to SFO by dinnertime, and be home by around 9:00 tonight. Good thing I brought the laptop. I can get some work done.

Deposited the worms in an undisturbed section of Carl’s compost pile before I left. I think they’ll be happy there, and it will spare them another journey in the baggage hold.