On Earth as it is in Austin

Posted by on February 1, 2012 in Gallery, Paintings | 1 comment

I am just ridiculously happy with this painting. I won’t say it’s a perfect painting, but it just came together all at once, with absolutely no fussing or reworking. I was in a gloriously happy mood when I took the photo–just so pleased to be back in my native Texas, wandering around my alma mater (UT), taking pictures in the gorgeous October sunshine.  And then I was also gloriously happy to be back home, a couple months later, painting it.

So.  There you have it. My happy little Austin painting.  And I have to say, usually I worry that the photo looks better than the painting, but in this case I think the painting is better than the photo.

This one’s 8 x 8, on 1/2-inch board.  Click here to bid.  Go here to see my other paintings.

1 Comment

  1. This painting is gorgeous! It really captures the beauty of the best city on Earth… AUSTIN,TX! :)

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